Gum / Joss Powder
With 30 years experience, we will supply good quality of Joss powder from 3,000Cps to 40,000Cps and we can offer competitive price.
Wood Powder
Our products are produced from local material with high quality and big volume.
Coconut Powder
Coconut shell powder is a main material for making mosquito coils, with modern machines we can supply to 10,000MT / year.
Corn Products
We are a manufacturer of corn products for making snack, cookie... Also we produce corn flour / corn powder for feed animal.
Rice Products
From Viet nam's white rice, we grind to rice powder / rice flour with high quality and customer's specification.
Tapioca is material are using in many products, we can supply also Tapioca starch - Food grade and Tapioca powder - Feed grade / Industrial grade.